I’m Hayden Barnett. Based in Houston, I'm dedicated to developing innovative products and services that matter.

From my earliest days, my life has been defined by a spirit of competition and a passion for solving complex problems. I first experienced this spirit on the baseball diamond at the University of Arkansas, where I played college baseball. The intensity of the game was thrilling, but it led to a major shoulder repair surgery on my labrum, marking the end of my athletic career.

The experience, though challenging, taught me resilience and the importance of adaptability. I transferred to the University of Houston, where I found a new passion in the world of finance. After graduating with a degree in Finance, I joined Merrill Lynch, where I earned my securities licenses and learned the inner workings of the financial world. But as time went on, I realized that my passion lay elsewhere.

This led me to a digital marketing startup, where I created custom digital solutions for stone fabricators and countertop manufacturers, serving leading companies in Europe and the US. It was here that I discovered my love for development.

With this newfound passion, I transitioned to a role as an independent contractor for a major global infrastructure manufacturer. Here, I embarked on a two-year journey where I developed a product tracking system and a quality assurance business process, all while honing my skills in Python, Django, and React.

As my contract drew to a close, I felt a desire to create something of my own. This led to the birth of Luxitag, a startup that leveraged technology to provide pet recovery solutions. We successfully served over 10,000 users across the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Romania, and Japan.

In a testament to the quality of the technology I developed, I sold the original Luxitag software in a software asset sale. However, the story of Luxitag didn't end there. I built alternative software and fully automated the system, allowing us to continue serving our existing clients. This experience, of not just creating a successful product but also ensuring its continued service, was a high point in my journey and an affirmation of my skills and determination.

My journey has led me back to my true passion - Python. As I look towards the future, I'm excited to bring my unique blend of experiences and my technical skills to a new challenge. I'm ready to leverage my experience, passion, and skills to make a significant impact in my next role.